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Well clearly, there's been a lack of faith in the comm. I get it, I'd get tired of it after a year too. I'm actually pretty close to it. People here are awesome, but for some reason, the awesomeness isn't spreading. Apparently, some people here preferred it back when Dolan aka Frank-s was a co-mod. He was all sweet and gentle and caring and butterflies and :3 faces every 2 posts. And yet he sucked at managing, and yet you all love him. I'm different. Clearly. Because people have different personalities. I try to not let rp shit get to me, but sometimes it does, and I get pissed. I'm sorry for not being a saint. Or a gentle person in general. But that's me and I ain't gonna change it. Don't like it? Tough. Go and join niihaureform.  Heck, I'm joining them.

But this is Salisbury. We are over one year old and running (more like crawling, but still). You've joined this comm because you saw the ad and you thought it was interesting. And once you come here, it's like you want the mods to pamper you like a bunch of babies. You're too lazy to update your journals (though I know everyone is, so that's forgivable), you're too lazy to go out and IM people and seek SLs (if you sit on your ass and stare at the AIM panel all day, IMs WON'T magically appear. JSYK), you're even too lazy to comment on a post and say what you think of the comm and management. I've heard that I'm never online. That's partially true. I've been busy, so RL's been kicking my ass a little. But still, man. Both comms have suggestion box posts. LJ has a messaging system. You can always comment ooc on one of my journal posts. But do I see any of that? Of course not. All I see is people leaving because they don't like the management.

I asked for a co-mod a zillion years ago. No one, besides dear Watkins-s stepped up.


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Don't forget to check THIS taken list before applying!! And if you wish, feel free to apply in the college comm as well.
Okay! Wow, it's awesome to see the Comm's growing so much!
Um, I accepted a few more people, but I'll have to wait until my co-mod wakes up so he can update the taken page. I can't edit it for some reason, but this will be fixed.
And I noticed something. We have only two teachers! We need more teachers, people! Invite your fellow RPers and tell them we need those figures of power! Teachers, and a Principal and a VP. Cause there's no fun in breaking the rules if there's no one running after you ;)
I've started writing the sister-fanfic, and when I post it I'll let you know. It should give you guys an image of the school and how the chars behave and all that. I must remind you that the plot on the fic has nothing to do with the plot on the comm.
So welcome to the new players, and I should start writing the intro for Matt ><
Mingle and enjoy! Don't forget about the gossip community!
Any questions, suggestions, complaints, anything, feel free to talk to me or Frank-s.
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If you put a hyperlink for the lj user you're automatically rejected! >:[